Zune Software Running Slow? Here's How to Fix It

When I built my new desktop over the summer I installed Windows XP 64-bit on a whim, but did not know the Zune software did not support the OS.  I was furious, but then I upgraded to Windows 7 in October and was finally able to move my media collection back to my primary PC.  The transition did not go well due to the software loading the marketplace and signing into my account so very, very slowly.  It had always been a little sluggish, so I didn't think about it until I tried to buy music and found it nearly impossible.

This is no longer a problem.  The software runs very smoothly and without interruption now.

A little research told me that the Zune software makes all calls to the Microsoft servers via Internet Explorer.  Zune uses IE's internet settings for each and every call it makes.  This is a problem because there is a default setting in IE that severely slows down the whole process.

Go to:
Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings button > Uncheck "Automatically Detect Settings" > Click OK and exit the windows

You may need to at least restart the Zune software if you had it running when you made this change.  Now your software should run much, much better.  Hopefully this helps a few of the people I have seen complaining about the software being horribly slow on Windows 7.  Then again, maybe you just need a computer upgrade to accompany your OS upgrade.


Lily said...

Thank you so much; it worked! It had gotten to the point where it would sooner crash than load for me!

Christopher Maddalena said...

Glad to hear it helped!

Alex said...

This worked for me! I can't believe that this is really an issue... Surely MS would fix it?

Zune Slow said...

not bad. But it wasn't the solution for me. It turns out that my issue was graphics acceleration. As soon as I turned it off, the Zune software flies like never before, as it should. Details here: Zune Slow

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Thanks so much!

Diego said...

This worked amazingly!! Thanks.

Kyle said...

I was extremely annoyed when an i7 (with 16Gb DDR3 and dual GTX 560 Ti's) was possibly having problems running Zune..

Thanks for the tip, worked like a charm.