Five LittleBigPlanet Pre-Order Bonuses

If you're not familiar with LittleBigPlanet, check it out here.

That's the Wikipedia article because www.littlebigplanet.com is a great example of Sony's marketing. It kind of sucks.

The game looks awesome and it should be a huge hit for the PS3. Today it was revealed that there would be 5 different and very cool pre-order bonuses for the game depending on the store/location you pre-order it in. Unfortunately, the locations have not been revealed.

The bonuses are:
  1. The official "LittleBigPlanet Creator" guide.
  2. A LittleBigStickerBook -- It's a sticker book.
  3. A LittleBigBurlapSack -- Big enough to carry your copy of the game.
  4. A Nariko SackBoy -- The heroine from Heavenly Sword as a SackBoy playable character.
  5. A Kratos SackBoy -- Same idea as Nariko, but God of War.
I simply must have the Kratos SackBoy to play this game.

If it's possible to have these characters in the game as a bonus then I have to assume they'll be available as downloadable content later on or recreated by the community. If that's the case then I may have to agree with Joystiq and go for the LittleBigBurlapSack.

I pre-ordered Patapon for the nifty Spear of Protection pre-order bonus from the demo disc and they eventually released it on the PlayStation Network for free - Spear included. So maybe Kratos will make his way there.

My guess is if they go by store then Kratos will be available at GameStop since they've been pushing God of War III pre-orders for months and it doesn't come out until March 2009 (I think that's still the estimate).


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