Reprogramming Your Motorola Droid: Hissing During a Call

I have only had one problem with my Motorola Droid since the first day I got it -- A terrible hissing sound during some phone calls.

The hiss (like the sound of a tea kettle) would start at the beginning of a call and would often coincide with complaints that I sounded too soft during if it was an outgoing calls or I would have the same problem during incoming calls. It was becoming quite a nuisance.  I put off exchanging it because I read similar complaints and Verizon said the issue would be fixed with the 2.0.1 update in December.  I has misunderstood them.  The problem that was addressed was apparently the music player causing some hissing/feedback.

Today I finally tried reprogramming my phone.  An exhcnage is a frightening thing considering I have hours of customization poured into my Droid as well as over 80 apps.  I am pleased to say I have yet to have any hissing issues!  Hooray!

If you have this problem you can give this a try:

  1. Go to your phone dialer and enter ##PROGRAM then Call
  2. Enter 000000 for the code and hit Verify
  3. Select option 04 VOCODE
  4. Change the option to EVRC-B and press Apply
  5. Press your Home button to exit
  6. Let your phone restart
Note:  Do not mess with any other options or you might brick your phone.  I am not responsible for any mishaps.

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