To the Guy Who Hacked My WoW Account:


That's not a depressed, dramatic whine, but a serious and confused question from a very perplexed man.

It hasn't been active in almost a full year. A year is like a lifetime in WoW. My characters have aged and turned to dust rotting in their now outdated Burning Crusade instance, quest and raid gear. Sorry, I quit and resigned my position as officer before my guild started kicking ass in Gruul's and Black Temple.

I could go on and on about how their gear can't be sold and how I gave most of my money away to friends, but I won't. You couldn't have known any of this.

Bravo on guessing my account name and secret question though. Or did you learn my password through some voodoo magic?

But I guess the jokes on you? Can't log in to disenchant my items or delete my characters. You can't play my characters. You can't do anything. I mean, you could, but is it really worth the money?

I guess you get bragging rights? Congratulations; You hacked Guerrilla of Uther server known far and wide by a whole score of people who quit the game.

By all means though, reactivate the account with a credit card. Go on, I won't take it back or nothin'.

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