Sony VAIO F-series Keyboard Cover

When I was deciding between the F-series and some of the VAIO offerings I was temporarily captivated by the custom color options for the body and keyboard skins offered by other models.  The F-series eventually trumped such trivial options with raw power and the larger screen, but I was disappointed at the lack of a keyboard protector.

I have been trying to find one and finally came across one on eBay sold by a seller named "greatwall_dragon" for $9.99.  Here's the link to the item in his shop:


If that link dies here are the details from the packaging and the shop:

Professional TPU Laptop Keyboard Cover for Sony F11
Shanghai Cooskin Trading Co., Ltd.
Model #: NS035

  • Material: Durable High-grade TPU( Thermoplastic Polyurethane ), Non-toxic
  • Thickness: 0.2MM, Ultra thin and high transparent, does not affect typing
  • CE certification, SGS ROHS passed
  • Waterproof and dustproof, protect your laptop against spills, dust,and other contaminants
  • Removable and washable, the free cleaning without affecting the effectiveness of their use
  • Mute-Typing, diminishes keystroke sound in libraries and conference room etc.
  • There is a logo of Coolskin on the keyboard cover spacekey.
For $9.99 (+ $2.00 S&H)I thought it was worth a shot.  I wanted something that would both protect the keyboard from coffee, water, grease, oils, etc.  My keys were getting awfully shiny and, I admit, it bothered me.  I also had one or two close calls involving dogs and cups of coffee, but I had the backlit keys to consider, too.  I needed something that would fit snugly over the F11/F12/F13 keyboard, allow the backlight to be seen, and not make typing frustrating.  I have been really impressed thus far.

First, "greatwall_dragon" exceeded my expectations by shipping the cover immediately and getting it to me from Hong Kong to Michigan in only 6 days (estimate was 10-14).  Some credit is probably due to USPS and the China Post, but Ill let "dragon" have it all.

The keyboard cover itself is definitely made specifically for the Sony VAIO F-series.  It fits wells with no extra gaps.  It lays right over the keys leaving no space between the cover and the top or sides of the keys.  The edges of the cover do not go beyond the keyboard, i.e. the cover stops at the cracks in the body.  It comes with 6 strips of double-sided tape to stick it to the keyboard, but it stays on well all by itself if you don't want to mess with that or think you'll take it off frequently.

It is 100% transparent and the backlight shines through very well.  There is no extra glare from the cover.  This is probably do to the material and how well it fits over the keys.  In fact, the cover even killed the glare of the stubborn oils on the keys beneath it.

Typing is unobstructed and it really did reduce the noise of the keys, but not too much.  The only small issue I have had it is missing keystrokes sometimes if I it the key on the edge instead of near the center.  However, take that with a grain of salt - I'm a terrible typist.

It's a great product that is hard to beat at ~$12 with shipping and handling.  Then again, since it's the only keyboard cover I have been able to find it can't be beat at all.

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green pc said...

To protect your keyboard from dirt and damage, use a keyboard cover on your laptop. Be reminded however that you need to be careful in selecting a keyboard protector.

Anonymous said...

LOL, i saw this guy also and i was considering buying it, but was unsure and decided to go with a cheap universal silicon keyboard protector that is now not sticking. seeing your review, i'm now interested in purchasing this.. haha.. i'll let you know how my experience goes with this guy. thanks for being my guinea pig.

Anonymous said...

recieved it today and wow. it is pretty epic. i really like it lol.

low energy pc said...

A laptop keyboard protector then is necessary to ensure the laptop is well protected against these possible harmful agents. It is easy to buy these stuff at any computer peripherals and parts store or perhaps you can buy these on the internet.

plumbing said...

It is really important that you have a protector to avoid it from dirt and to look always brand new because its preserve its original view.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a keyboard cover for my F series laptop for some time. Thank you for your blog post! The keyboard skin is currently on sale for $7.99 and free S&H at the ebay link location you posted. I don't know how durable these things are, but I'm hoping the one keyboard protector goes a long way!