New & Improved Zune Pass Lets You Keep Tracks

As of 11 AM PST November 19th Zune Pass subscribers now get to choose 10 tracks each month to keep for their very own at no extra charge.  Hell yeah.

Basically, for the average price of a CD ($14.99) you can get unlimited music downloads and choose 10 tracks (about the size of your basic CD) to keep each month.  I don't want to sound like I'm trying to sell anyone on this, but that's a sweet deal.

For someone like me who becomes a fan of a song and not of any particular band or album this is perfect.  I could theoretically build a full collection of songs I actually listen to regularly pretty quickly and at no extra cost.  Then I could stop paying for my Zune Pass.  However, this new addition has sold me on keeping my pass.  Why?  Well, the only thing that bothered me before was I was paying for songs in the cloud.  I didn't own it; I was renting it.  Now you could say I'm getting a fair trade plus the benefit of the unlimited "rentals".

Not bad.


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