More HD Calibration

So you read my posts about calibrating your HDTV, but you were too lazy to do it? Well, here's your solutions: TweakTV

TweakTV says they have a staff or volunteers that calibrate every model of TV they can get their hands on. Once they complete the calibration they add the model and settings to their database. On the website you can select your TV's brand and then model to view what they say is the best settings for your TV.

Pretty slick, but remember, every HDTV is a little different even among those of the same brand/model. If you use their settings you probably would only be off by a couple of digits, so it seems like a great information source.

Now, for those of you using a PlayStation 3 as their Blu-Ray player or who simply want to view their game cinematics in the best way possible, check out cnet's article here.

David Katzmaier gives a nice rundown of all of the PS3's BD/DVD and Display Settings menu options.

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