Paintball: Quick Field Strip Mod

This mod is very easy to do and really helpful. You'll need a hacksaw with a 1/5" wide blade and a good idea of what you want to be able to do. You'll be cutting one half of your marker to allow you access to internals quickly without having to completely disassemble the marker. Naturally that means this mod only applies to markers resembling the Tippmann 98 (the marker strips down to 2 receiver halves).

You have the gun(s) you want to mod, but you need to know where to make the cut. For starters the cut will be made on the half of the receiver that will come free easily. For example, on a Tippmann 98 you will make the cut on the "left" half, the side that the valve is not attached to.

When you have the appropriate side you want to decide what you want to accomplish. Here are some thing to consider:
  1. Do you want access to your E-Trigger internals?
  2. Do you want access to your E-Trigger and trigger assembly?
  3. Do you want access to your internals for oiling?
For 1 and 2 you'll make the cut along the pistol grip or extend the cut from the top of the grip along the top of the trigger guard. If you want access to the rear bolt without having to remove the front halves and barrel (3) you will want to cut the side in half preferably through a bolt for stability.

When you complete this mod you'll be able to remove less screws to access your internals to oil, clean and repair. For more information and pictures you can go to creators of this mod at Model98.org.

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