Android App: Remote Notifier

I came across yet another great app on Lifehacker today, Remote Notifier.  This handy app makes it possible for you to leave your phone in your pocket or bag or to use your headphones without worrying about missing a call, text message, or notification on your Android phone.  The app pushes a notification to your PC or Mac over USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi to let you know who is calling, if your battery is low, if the battery is charging, who sent you a text, etc.

If you choose to use your USB cable or Bluetooth then the setup is pretty straightforward.  You either plug in your cable or you pair your phone with your PC/Mac over Bluetooth.  If you choose to use WiFi then you have a few different options.  Remote Notifier can broadcast to a global broadcast address, DHCP broadcast address, or a specific IP address.  If you choose specific IP address then you can even use the app while on 3G/4G when your WiFi is off.

This app is not available in the Android Market and you do need a PC/Mac client running in order to receive the notifications.  You can get both the *.apk and the client for both 32 and 64-bit OS here:


You will need to enable "Unknown sources" under Settings > Applications on your phone.

I think this is a great idea and I'm going to continue to use it.  It's just infinitely easier than grabbing my phone every time it beeps at me.

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