Sony VAIO F-series USB Wireless Mouse Issues

I use a Microsoft Arc mouse with my VAIO F-series laptop.  I never had any problems with it until recently when I started moving very large files across my network.  When moving 20-30GB files from my laptop to my NAS my network utilization would spike and the mouse would become jumpy and just plain bad.  The strange thing is the touchpad would work just fine and a wired USB mouse would have the same problem but would be much less annoying.

I sometimes use the eSATA port on the left side of the VAIO, so I commonly keep the USB plug on the right side.  It occurred to me there could be a problem with that port, so I switched it to the second USB port on the right only to experience the same problem.  I tried switching to the left side to the eSATA port and found the problem was nearly gone.  There were only some slight hiccups when moving the mouse a lot.

The only assumption I have is there is some interference between the wireless card and the wireless mouse during times of very high network usage.  The wireless card is installed alongside the USB ports on the right, so this seems possible.  However, it seems so  unlikely that I can't say this for sure.

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