On Saturday, July 26th I proposed to my girlfriend of 2.6 years. I gave her this:

On Friday I took her up north to Mackinaw City (she had never been) for a surprise weekend vacation. We did a little shopping that night and I took her to the Teddy Bear Company to make a bear.

We got up early on Saturday and left for the ferry to Mackinac Island with the ring and a picnic lunch in tow. We rented 2 bikes (single speed; a decision we regretted later)and biked around the island visiting the sites. A little after 11:00 we reached British Landing (a little beyond halfway or 4 miles).

If you've been then, British Landing is a small beach that faces an awesome view of the Mackinaw Bridge and the water. I took er down to the beach and we had lunch. After we ate I gave her the little gift wrapped box and asked her to marry me. She said yes and made me the happiest guy on the island.

I think we would have stayed a lot happier if we had sprung for the mountain bikes. The remaining 4 miles of our scenic ride was uphill.

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