Kodak Zx1 Announced - 720P Mini Digital Camcorder

I'm excited. Kodak just announced a new model of the Zi6, the Zx1. The Zi6 has only been out for about 6 months, but this new model will be out in April 2009 after being shown off at CES. It's supposed to be more rugged making it water and dirt resistant and has HDMI out with an included cable.

The casing is also redesigned and Kodak states the new Zx1 will work great even in a nightclub. Does this mean clear video even in low light conditions? I hope so! The Zx1 can also be controlled via remote control (sold separately) and goes for the cheap price of $150. That's even cheaper than the Zi6!

The only drawback is the Zx1's LCD screen is only 2" instead of matching its predecessor's 2.4" screen. The bright side is that makes the camera smaller. Personally, I love the size of my Zi6, but that could be a nice plus.

I think the Zi6 has me sold on these Kodak mini 720P camcorders and I'll be buying a Zx1 or any new iteration down the road.

Show me a Creative VadoHD or Flip MinoHD with expandable memory at this price and we'll talk.


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