Zune 30 Suicide Update

This is old news now, but the Zune 30GBs (mine included) are all back in working order.  For those who don't know already, the failure was due to a glitch in the driver for the Zune 30's clock.  It can't properly handle a leap year, so it crashed the Zune at 12AM December 31st.

The fix was easy.  Just let the battery die and plug it in to charge on January 1st after midnight.  My Zune 30 fired right up after charging for about 5 minutes.

I guess every 4 years the Zune 30s will hibernate for a night, but if my Zune is still going after 4 more years I'm, more than willing to accept that.  So far this has been my one and only problem with my Zune and it's taken quite a beating over the past year.

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