I'm making a game (!?)

I am making a game. I do not know what this game will be, but I have a few ideas and have finally taken the steps to download, install, and begin using Game Maker. I have always had a love for programming and working out problems in code, but I always felt designing and coding a game was well outside of my abilities. Game Maker seems to have my weaknesses covered.

All I know right now is I am working through Derek Yu's wonderful tutorials and having  a lot of fun with them. If I spend too much time thinking about how Derek Yu and Tom Francis used Game Maker to make Spelunky and Gunpoint, my mind explodes. If I make a finished product, then I will have made a thing with the same tools that were used to make these fantastic games. It's intimidating, but also exciting.

I do not expect my game will be pretty. I don't know where I would even begin to try to find someone who would develop art or compose music for me. I fully expect to have pixels on a screen with royalty free music. Maybe it'll just be me humming in the background. If I think I've made something interesting that I could sell for a small profit, I'd consider paying someone something for art. But that's a long ways off. If anything comes of this endeavour, it will be a labor of love for several years.

So join me as I catalogue my time as a fledgling game developer. Perhaps these records will be priceless in a few years when I've made the next Braid or whatever.

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